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Who we are

Ben Graville


After 13 years of providing specialist advice to Government bodies in Cyber Security and complex IT architecture, Ben started Worktools with the aim of helping Small Businesses get ahead. Exploring the world on two wheels is his passion.

Ed Hughes

Technical Architect

Previously I've studied a variety of 'dead' languages (think Aramaic, Syriac etc). From there I worked for an AI company in Palo Alto and then worked in SysAdmin roles.  I lead the technical team here at Worktools and can assist with any tech questions/woes you might have.

John Kennedy

Head of Words

With over 25 years in the marketing game John is an inbound marketing specialist, a Londoner by birth he is now living the Scandinavia lifestyle in Sweden

Wilson Haagens


An American over here since the 80s, Wilson brings to Worktools decades of experience in SaaS financial services sales with a background in jazz drumming and voice acting, with appearances in UK television dramas and commercials.

Our Values

Flexible working for our staff

Whether it be funny hours or working from home or even working from the Pyrenees. We encourage our staff to become Digital Nomads from time to time. Staying connected as a team, but flexible enough to enable rich personal experiences whilst getting the job done.

Challenge with innovation

We challenge the status quo for 'how things are done around here'. Respectfully, we will always call out where we believe things can be improved. Bold innovation is the catalyst for meaningful change.

A problem shared is a problem solved

Whether it be with our clients or with ourselves, we have a passion for problem-solving that drives personal connections and a shared responsibility to help our clients succeed.

Automate everything

We dislike monotonous tasks. They're boring and we don't want to be bored. If we are doing it for a second time, it's because we are automating it.

Honest advice

We will always give honest advice. We value the long-term relationships over the short-term and equally we will always listen to honest feedback. We make our services fit our clients, not the other way around.