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We have a range of services and tools to help keep your hardware safe, whether you're just own your own or have 1,000 employees (or anywhere in between). To keep your devices secure here are just a few of the tools and approaches we have:

- Default Controls

Your employees may access confidential or sensitive data on a regular basis. You need to ensure that it doesn't get sent to, or accessed by people it shouldn't be. Default controls are your first defence, and include the basic things firewall controls and managed anti-virus (included with all our security plans). This ensures your employees don't connect to potentially dangerous sites, or download malicious content.  

- Bespoke Controls

If you want to ensure the highest level of security you'll look at setting different levels of access and control for groups of, or every, employee. You'll already have passwords to accounts for example, but WorkTools allows you to apply high security on a granular level (down to a device or employee basis), and these can be turned on and off as needed.

For example, you may not want screenshots to be taken for employee in your financing department, or emails to only be sent from a secure app. We can deploy these solutions for you, and integrate them into your pre-existing systems 


- Remote Management & Monitoring

Responsive security allows you to ensure devices and data is being used responsibly. Active monitoring shows who is accessing, and using what data when and on what device. 

This isn't just limited to your site. You could be on the move a lot, or have a work from home policy - so devices aren't going to be on the same network or possibly the same country. Even then we can monitor and ensure your devices are being used in a secure way. 

If they aren't, for example, if a phone or laptop gets stolen we can remotely wipe and lock the device ensuring your data is secure.