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Our Consultancy Services

In addition to the Cyber Security and IT Support plans we also provide a range of consulting services, which can be provided on a one off or ongoing basis. This can range from a short risk assessment to managing an enduring technical strategy. 

How we work with you

Define & Design

Step 1: Develop a compelling vision for how your business will use information & technology to beat the competition.

Implement & Operate

Step 2: Make it happen, as a Big Bang or in smaller steps, ensuring Technology changes and new working practices are embraced by your staff

Evaluate & Evolve

Step 3: Regularly evaluate your information and technology roadmap to be sure your business stays ahead

IT Transformation

We work with you to design, create, and implement the IT infrastructure you need to continue to grow and develop your business. We've worked with a range of business providing one off or regular advice & services to enable their IT to transform. Below are some of the services we offer.


Helping to design secure scalable infrastructure for you

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IT Strategy

Creating pragmatic and adaptable plans for your IT

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Moving your records into a more accessible & useable format

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Information Security

Data is valuable. We can help you protect it from others, recover yours if lost, and ensure you are keeping it securely.

Penetration Testing

Direct and in depth testing of your IT security

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Data Recovery

Recovering data from damaged devices

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Regulatory Compliance

Evaluating if you are complying with statutory standards

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Data Analysis

As Google, one of our partners, says, 'Every company should be a data company'. Analysis of data allows you to deploy your resources in the most efficient and effective way. We have the knowledge and the access to a range of tools to get what you need from the data.

AI & Machine Learning

Unsupervised, supervised, and reinforcement learning

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Data Visualisation

Showing the data is easy to digest & understandable ways

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Predictive Analysis

Using your data to forecast probabilities of future events

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