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Benefits of Leasing

If you're a start up or established business IT leasing can be a cost effective way to manage your hardware, but it also offers a range of other options:

Flexibility - You've got a new employee starting, but no laptop for them? No problem, leasing means you can add new hardware as you need it so you don't have to have a large inventory of spare devices.

Cost Effective - When you're starting up you need to manage cash flow, and for companies with several employees buying hardware can often have prohibitive costs. IT leasing allows you to offset VAT costs & some hardware costs.

Maintenance - With leased hardware if something goes wrong with device then the process is all managed by the vendor in accordance with the leasing contract.

Upgrading - Every year new hardware is released and keeping your systems up to date can be a drain. Leasing allows you to keep rolling over into the latest hardware seamlessly.

Support - Some hardware leasing packaged include software support, allowing you to have a complete support package. If you'd like to read more about the types of IT support you can here.

The Problem

We recognise that hardware is expensive, and getting more so. For example, Apple's latest MacBook Pro can be up to £6,200. If you're having to supply devices to multiple employees, and sometimes a couple of devices each the costs can soon multiply.Also, knowing what you need for your business can be confusing. You're looking at a laptop and it's got an i5, another has an i7, this one has threading - what does it mean, and do I need it?

Our Solution

Flexible low-cost leasing allows you to get up to date hardware without the large up front costs. And as you grow you can easily add more devices for your new employees. And it extends to other IT hardware you might need, like NAS racks, displays - if it plugs in there's a high chance we can lease it.At Worktools we have individuals who love nothing more that settling down to read the spec sheets of a new device. They'll be able to tell you what the difference is in machines and, if you want, what machine you'll need for your use case.If you're just starting out, looking to expand, or replacing your current hardware collection one of our team will run through what you want. And then they'll come back with a plan of how this can be achieved, efficiently and at a competitive price.