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IT Director / CTO / CISO / CIRO

Building upon our years of experience providing CTO and Cybersecurity services to government bodies, we offer a virtual IT Director, CTO and CISO services to help your business excel.

Our Advisory Services

The advisory services are a good way for businesses to be able to tap into the skills and knowledge of an experienced IT Director, CTO or CISO, without having to commit to a salary, which can typically range for £60-150k annually.

We match a dedicated person with a customer on a case-by-case basis to help ensure a good fit culturally and professionally.To ensure a consistently high service our team also peer review and shadow each other as well as draw on our collective team experience for specialist topics. 

On occasion, and with your agreement, we will rotate advisors between customers. This ensures that our cadre are continually developing themselves professionally and provides a periodic opportunity to assess your needs for our advisory services to ensure we maintain the best fit as you grow your business.

CTO Services

A Chief Technology Officer is a role which can have many connotations. We offer CTO services in all shapes and sizes.

Infrastructure Guru - Charged with making sure your day-to-day business operations are able to run seamlessly on top of your IT platform, whether it be in-house or cloud based. 

Technology Innovator - Charged with finding new ways to save costs and drive efficiencies from your technology investment, helping your bottom line

Application Strategist - Charged with overseeing the organisations App Architecture and its strategic development roadmaps.

Business Visionary - Charged with finding new ways of leveraging your existing technology investment to either optimise your business processes or differentiate yourself from your competitors 

Big Problem Solver - As part of the management team, they can bring people together to solve some of the biggest challenges of today and tomorrow. 

CISO / CIRO Services

The Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Information Risk Officer are two terms that are most often used to describe this important role within business today.

It is commonplace to see businesses outsource many business processes, applications and technology. However a businesses can never really outsource their business risk - even if they wanted to. We have decades of experience in assisting firms manage their risks.

We take a holistic approach that spans from the business model right down to the way the hardware is wired together. In particular we can help with these areas:

Reputation Risk Analysis - If your reputation is something that keeps your customers then it is important to take stock of all elements that could affect this. Reputation is built and lost not just on how well you avoid security incidents, but how well you respond to them when they do happen.

Operational Risk Analysis - Looking at the way the various components of your business work together, be they business processes, applications or technology we can help assess how best to ensure you have a resilient operating model

Secure Systems Design - Architecture and design services to ensure your in-house applications and the infrastructure they rely upon are designed to keep out the attackers, help staff avoid making mistakes and combat the dreaded insider threat.

Data Science Services

As Google, one of our partners, says, 'Every company should be a data company'. Analysis of data allows you to deploy your resources in the most efficient and effective way. We have the knowledge and the access to a range of tools to get what you need from the data.

Artificial Intelligence- It's generally an attempt to create a machine that has human qualities. You can use them in chatbots to engage customers, or handle support queries. It's also used in neural networks, which try to function like brains. It's related to machine learning, and can be used to understand patterns and notice irregularities. 

Machine Learning- Using a variety of techniques you can design systems that incrementally improve over time to gain insights from millions of records. You can then fine tune your systems or approach to grow your business. For example, Netflix uses it to show you programs it thinks you like based on the viewing history of you and millions of other people. Predictive targeting like this can be deployed in retail stores, marketing campaigns, and a variety of other sectors. 

Big Data Analytics - With the vast amount of data available and being processed, be able to present it in an instantly understandable way is important. 

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